The invisible life

I enjoy talking to different DiDi drivers, no matter I am working for DiDi or not, as I would like to learn about how this tool has changed people’s lives. Facing a stranger, the drivers worry little about privacy when sharing their stories sincerely. In different trips, I hear about the drivers’ complaints about middle-school-student



I still believe

Finally, it comes to the end. Last February, I made a call to a Tongji alumnus who also worked in Hong Kong to ask advice on career development. In that call, he kindly introduced to me the stories about how he made up his mind to beat the GMAT test, how he suffered in his

Why we need a change for the society

Recently, I read a news about a guy who was called the most beautiful village official in China. As the first Ivy League village official in China, Yuefei Qin, a 32-year-old man, has recently received the annual Touching China award by China Central Television.   Qin graduated from Yale in 2011 with a bachelor degree

the Chinese Mayor

The Chinese Mayor (DATONG) is a 2014 documentary (directed by Zhou Hao) that follows Datong mayor Geng Yanbo’s efforts to transform one of the China’s most polluted cities into a cultural destination, in large part by displacing 500,000 residents to reconstruct the walls of the Old City. DATONG follows the life and work of a


1. 私有制的缺失   作为热场,我首先引用一篇知乎上的讨论:为什么东北会衰退?还可能复兴吗?。在这个问题的讨论之中,大家都不是抱着地域歧视的目的来参加和批判,答题的很多答主也都是东北人或者有长期东北生活经历的人,所以都应当具有一定的客观依据。而作为问题的回应,官方媒体(黑龙江日报社)则给出了一篇比较偷梁换柱、模糊概念、忽略问题的答案:钟明嘉:“唱衰东北”可以休矣。