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The invisible life

I enjoy talking to different DiDi drivers, no matter I am working for DiDi or not, as I would like to learn about how this tool has changed people’s lives. Facing a stranger, the drivers worry little about privacy when sharing their stories sincerely. In different trips, I hear about the drivers’ complaints about middle-school-student passengers’ late appearance, and I also learn about that some drivers love this new technology very much as it gives them both freedom and new job opportunities.

Last night, I heard the most moving story which reminded me a lot of social conflicts and the lives that were possibly ‘ignored’ by the elite.

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AnyConnect VPN


目前其他几种Break Wall方式,都各有各的问题,Shadowsocks也偶尔抽风。最后,只剩下了AnyConnect这个选项。由于大部分国内/跨国企业都在使用CISCO开发的AnyConnect支持移动办公,所以暂时只有它还没有被完全消灭。

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Use Gmail in China without VPN

Method 1 / Use the Mail tool in WeCloud [Login / Register]

It is very easy to set the account. For most users, just fill in your Gmail account and password, and then you can access your Gmail. [You should be aware that when you log in to your Gmail in WeCloud for the first time, the connection may be denied by the Gmail server due to its privacy policy. You may receive an email with a subject of “Review blocked sign-in attempt“. You have to click “allow access to less secure apps” in that email to enable WeCloud help you break the GFW without a VPN.]