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with Winy Maas, Tihamér Salij, Martine Vledder





Re-regulate Hong Kong Housing Towers. A follow up on the previous held studio Hong Kong Tower Revolution.


How can Hong Kong’s housing development escape its unrelenting uniformity and the denial of diversity? How to bypass the current strict planning and building regulations? How to add more value by creative design? How can thus innovative and attractive housing towers be realized? That will radically change Hong Kong?


The housing market in Hong Kong seems to be dominated by the standard norm of a monotonous vertical extrusion of the most efficient and most profitable floor plan. Strict Hong Kong planning laws result in housing with minimal quality. Yes the necessary quantity of houses are provided, yet there is much potential to provide higher quality housing.


In contrast to other global cities, and with the growth of the middle class, the repetitive design lacks variation in size of units, outdoor space, diversity in typologies, ecology as well as architectural excitement.


In general the following qualities could be inserted: higher ceilings, better views, more diversity, more outdoor spaces, more connections, more collective spaces, more natural cooling, more green, more water maintenance; all elements that open up the tower and make the tower more porous.


How to do that? How to add more quality - or in other words - value by creative design? And which design parameters will lead to housing towers beyond the current extrusion model?




This studio will review current building regulations of Hong Kong and aims to propose new indicators to achieve a proper balance in population density and quality of living. Building monotonous extrusions of small and efficient floor plans might solve Hong Kong’s land scarcity, enabling the city to remain dense and compact therefore functioning. Yet this way of urban development has negative effects on the living qualities.


This studio wants to explore various concepts for housing towers beyond the current extrusion model. By testing the current Hong Kong housing regulations and exploring new indicators with which Hong Kong's quality of housing can be improved. Improving existing and adding new qualities will lead to a higher amount of open space, to innovative towers beyond the principles of the current standard extrusion model.




The studio aims at identifying various environmental, social and spatial qualities, which lead to diverse towers beyond extrusion.

This will be executed in 5 blocks of research and design:

  1. The optimal 240m3 apartment - mono extrusions
  2. Motives for beyond extrusion - volume studies
  3. Beyond extrusion - step 1 (test on mono extrusion)
  4. Beyond extrusion - step 2 (mixing)
  5. Evaluation of Beyond Extrusion Towers – scoring system

The towers will be modeled in a 3d-environment and measured against qualities such as view, direct sunlight, indirect light, direct access to outdoor space, ventilation, and efficiency in usable space.





















Beyond Extrusion