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© 2018, Made by Fan at New Haven
This is the first short film that I made with my Nikon D300s, with my friend XIE Sichen. The final product is not that perfect or professional, the process of making it, however, was much more interesting and impressive. We climbed to the rooftop of buildings, which were owned by the local authority. We got up early in the morning, in order to take the shot of sun rise.The Lilong area that we chose, was located in Jing'an District, the centre of Shanghai, where lots of similar buildings had been pulled down, and the survived ones were surrounded by towers. The government was trying to preserve this piece of Lilong as an icon for the history of the city, the residents there, however, could not tolerate the bad living environment any longer, and hoped to move out of the poor-conditioned houses as soon as possible.

Garden in the city