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This is a website for an international freight forwarder named Reaching in Guangzhou, which was built in end of 2010. The site was abandoned due to the lack of daily management and update. However, it is the first commercial website that I built based on some existing CMS.


Some features were added onto the site, such as the on-line robot, which could track order, check for status, search for related codes, show latest news, notify the change of price, and even simple calculation. It is quite common today with the development of machine learning, however, it made me excited all the day at that time, as it was difficult but quite interesting to teach the robot memorize something and react to similar instructions/enquiries. Other features like SMS verification, and email verification were also included and developed by myself. This became the first opportunity for me to learn how to build a basic commercial website with full functions. It also made me realize that how important the user experience was. Even a tiny pixel of the button background image, or css margin/padding, can make a huge difference for the experience.


When writing codes for the robot and the website, I also learnt how to make it run efficiently, as different methods would have different efficiency not only in the back-end, but also in the front-end. Unfortunately, the robot also stopped to update due to the suspending of the website.









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