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The Spacehunter is developed to help people share and find these underused spaces. The underused spaces are constituted by two parts:

  • The first part is those underused private spaces, such as kitchens that would be used only once a week, toilets that would be used just twice a day;
  • The second part is those leftover spaces, such as spaces under staircases, spaces between columns, spaces on the podiums;

With the help from Spacehunter, people can:

  1. Buy a single small bedroom in the city center as home for new-comers, while use Spacehunter to book a shared kitchen or toilet nearby whenever they need;
  2. Find a small workshop between the columns to start their business or as their temporary office when they are travelling;
  3. Find a small space with a bed between the double façade for 1H, to take a rest after lunch;
  4. Book a shared garden to have a gathering with friends, who live on the other side of the city.
  5. Make a business by renting out their spaces, etc.

This APP is now available on Apple Store, Google Play as well as other app market. People can easily download and install it by scanning the QR code. Several kinds of spaces are offered for experiment: toilet, kitchen as well as parking lot. Basic data for public toilets and parking lots in Hong Kong and most big cities in China has been imported for use. People could easily find and book a toilet/kitchen/parking lot nearby, and after booking, the APP will automatically generate a QR code as the key for space if it is not open to all, such as a private kitchen in a tower, and people can scan the code at the entrance of gates to access the space.

Besides, people are also free to share their private spaces or spaces they found underused on the APP, by simply clicking the “+” icon and write down some basic information.

Particularly, people can make a business on this APP that they can make profit from renting out their spaces. Prices can be set when spaces are being shared, and popular payments like Visa, Mastercard, as well as Union Pay are supported already. Underused spaces rather than rooms, houses, flats or towers can be the resource for a new business.

This new model of supermicro city, would not only generate a new model of economy, and elevate the efficiency of resources, but also create numerous public spaces. A private kitchen can be a party space at certain moments, a private toilet can be a smoking room at certain moments, and an underused space between columns can also be a temporary workshop at certain moments. This kind of changes will definitely change the condition of public space that:

1. Public space will be dynamic rather than fixed both in number (area) and location, and the boundary between public space and private space will be blurred (public space will appear and disappear, and private space and public space will be interconverted all the time);

2. The distance from private to public will be shortened (your balcony may be a convenient store or a space for Mahjong);

3. Public space is no longer under strict control by the authorities (you can discuss about Kim Jongun in a shared kitchen, and it turns back to a private space after you leave).




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