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This is a research which tries to discover and illustrate the relationship and communication between the architect’s design and the construction of his work. We selected the Tama library for this study, which is relatively small but not as simple as people may think. The relationship between the curves, the cave, and the surrounding environment, and the relationship between the arch and the structure is amazing and fantastic, which gives us a better understanding of how to design architecture with a strong logic.


The library, which is the Northern gateway to Tama Art University's Hachioji Campus in the suburbs of Tokyo, is Japanese architect Toyo Ito's modern interpretation of a cave. To emphasize the motif of the cave, Ito wanted the library to be excavated in his original proposal, but due to budget constraints, he had to invert his great idea.


Despite the changes he was forced to make, Ito remained true to the project's main focus. Namely, for the ground floor of the building to be an open space, where students and teachers would cross paths, even if they were not going to use the TAMA library. It almost seems like the ground has eroded away under the beautiful building .


For the research, we tried our best to find as much as drawings from different resources, however, this did not help much. Then we traced the plan and tried to find out how the curves came out. Based on the plans, we then build the 3D rhino model for the tiny but interesting architecture with rich details. With the research going on, we discovered more and more about the logic from the architect for this small building. Full drawing set is available on ISSUU, and the model can be shared upon request.

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